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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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8 questions you’ll hear in your next job interview—and how to answer them

Whether interviewing by video or in person, use these sample questions and answers to strengthen your chances of getting hired.

Ask the counselor: “How do you deal with negative feelings from a traumatic event in your past?”

If you’ve experienced past trauma, it’s normal to feel negative emotions and even physical symptoms, like headaches or body pain. Learn how to address anxiety, PTSD, and other issues caused by a traumatic event.

The cost of unnecessary bank fees and how to avoid them

Sneaky bank fees can have you unnecessarily paying up to hundreds of dollars every year. Save more by learning how to avoid these common bank fees.

9 “magic” breaths to release tension and difficult thoughts

Dealing with all the things can sometimes get to be too much. Take a pause from your day with this mindful breathing meditation.

UCookbook: Easy Cajun-style red beans and rice with vegan sausage

Craving Cajun food? This red beans and rice recipe with vegan chorizo is flavorful, hearty, and perfect for meal prep.

5 practical tips for managing anxiety

No doubt this new decade has a lot of us feeling more anxious than usual. Use these practical self-care tips to help manage anxiety.

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